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Simatic HMI WinCC is powerful HMI system for use under Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows XP. HMI stands for "Human Machine Interface",  i.e. the interface between the human (the operator) and the machine (the process). The actual control over the process is performed by the automation system. WinCC communicates with both the operator and the automation systems.

The WinCC Project Development/Configuration Environment:
To develop and configure projects, special editors are provided that can be accessed from the WinCC Explorer. With each editor, a specific subsystem of WinCC is configured.

The major subsystems of WinCC are:
The graphics system - the editor for creating the screens is the Graphics Designer.
The alarm system - the editor for configuring the alarms is named Alarm Logging.
The archiving system - the editor for specifying the data to be archived is named Tag Logging.
The report system - the editor for creating the report layouts is the Report Designer.
The communication system is configured directly in the WinCC Explorer.
All configuration data is stored in the CS database.

The WinCC Runtime:
With the runtime software, the operator can run and monitor the process. In particular, the runtime software has the following tasks:
Reading of the data stored in the CS database.
Displaying of the screens.
Communication with the automation systems.
Archiving of the current runtime data such as process values and alarm events.
Running of the process, e.g. through specified set-points or activation/deactivation.

Contents of the manual:
1.) Preparation and Installation
2.) The first WinCC Project
3.) Displaying Process Values
4.) Configuring the Alarm System
5.) Outputting an Alarm Message Sequence Report
6.) Outputting a Tag Logging Runtime Report

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