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Lessons in Industrial Instrumentation
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Industrial Instrumentation
Lessons In Industrial Instrumentation
By Tony R. Kuphaldt

1. Mathematics
2. Physics
3. Chemistry
4. DC Electricity
5. AC Electricity
6. Introduction to Industrial Instrumentation
7. Instrumentation Documents
8. Instrument Connections
9. Discrete Process Measurement
10. Discrete Control Elements
11. Relay Control Systems
12. Programmable Logic Controllers
13. Analog Electronic Instrumentation
14. Pneumatic Instrumentation
15. Digital Data Aquisition and Networks
16. FOUNDATION Fieldbus Instrumentation
17. Instrument Calibration
18. Continuous Pressure Measurement
19. Continuous Level Measurement
20. Continuous Temperature Measurement
21. Continuous Fluid flow Measurement
22. Continuous Analytical Measurement
23. Machine Vibration Measurement
24. Signal Characterization
25. Final Control Elements
26. Principles of Feedback Control
27. Process Dynamics and PID Controller Tuning
28. Basic Process Control Strategies
29. Process Safety and Instrumentation
30. Instrument System Problem Solving
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 Lessons in Industrial Instrumention

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Industrial Instrumentation, Industrial Automation
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Industrial Instrumentation
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