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Process Control Books
Plantwide Process Control
Plant-Wide Process Control
Kelvin T. Erickson, John L. Hedrick
ISBN: 0-471-17835-7
560 pages
April 1999
The complete control system engineering solution for continuous and batch manufacturing plants.

This book presents a complete methodology of control system design for continuous and batch manufacturing in such diverse areas as pulp and paper, petrochemical, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, and biochemical production. Geared to practicing engineers faced with designing increasingly more sophisticated control systems in response to present-day economic and regulatory pressures, Plantwide Process Control focuses on the engineering portion of a plant automation improvement project. It features a full control design information package (Control Requirements Definition or CRD), and guides readers through all steps of the automation process-from the initial concept to design, simulation, testing, implementation, and operation. This unique and practical resource:

* Integrates continuous, batch, and discrete control techniques.
* Shows how to use the methodology with any automation project-existing or new, simple or complex, large or small.
* Relates recent ISO and ISA standards to the discipline of control engineering.
* Illustrates the methodology with a pulp-and-paper mill case study.
* Incorporates numerous other examples, from single-loop controllers to multivariable controllers.
Industrial Automation and Process Control
Jon Stenerson
Intended for students and technicians who require an overview of industrial automation components, systems, and process controls, this new text provides a blend of principles and applications found in the modern world of manufacturing. Included are PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers), sensors; communication devices, CNC programming fundamentals, robotics, and process control systems. Installation, troubleshooting, and servicing procedures have been added to give the technician the practical background companies seek today.

Some of the key features include:
* Comprehensive coverage of the fundamentals, wiring, and programming of PLCs.
* Hundreds of illustrations, many from real-world industry sources, provide visual support for the discussions.
* A CD with a version of LogixPro software is included to give the reader an opportunity to work with PLC and simulation software.
* An entire chapter is devoted to safety, and readers are encouraged throughout to follow safe work practices.
Process Control:
Designing Processes and Control Systems for Dynamic Performance
Thomas E Marlin
This is a revision of a well received new book for what is a required course in Chemical Engineering.

The author uniquely emphasizes practices in industry so that students learn what aspects of plant design & control are critical. This book identifies process as the central factor in plant automation and develops theory and practice to present the parameters of good dynamic performance. Approaches are presented for measurement selection, process/modification, control structure design and algorithm tuning to achieve good performance over a range of operating conditions. The sequence of topics (modeling, single-loop control and tuning, enhancements, multiloop control, and design) builds the students' ability to analyze increasingly complex systems, culminating in multiloop control design.
Process Control Book
Industrial Automation and Process Control
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