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Mass flow measurement of liquid and gas for regulation and control of product quality.
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When masses flow through a vibrating pipe, Coriolis forces are generated which bend and twist the pipe. These very small pipe deformations are measured by optimally mounted sensors and electronically evaluated. Because the measured phase shift of the sensor signals is proportional to the mass flowrate, the Coriolis Mass Flometer measures the mass flowrate in the flowmeter directly. The metering principle is dependent of the density, temperature, viscosity, pressure and conductivity.
The metering tubes always vibrate at resonance. The resonant frequency during operation is a function of the meter tube geometry, the material characteristics of the flowmeter and the mass of the fluid in the metering tube which is also vibrating. It provides an accurate measure of the density of the fluid being metered and therfore it is possible to simultaneously measure the mass flowrate, fluid density and temperature with Coriolis Mass Flowmeter.
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